Full-Auto Enhanced 5.56 Bolt Carrier


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If the LMT® standard bolt carrier is the infantryman of the gun industry, then our enhanced carrier is the delta operator. This carrier was designed to function effectively in full-auto, suppressed, and short barrel weapon systems, and it is made of materials far more durable than your standard fare. Quite simply, it’s the best possible upgrade for your rifle to increase reliability and functionality.

The LMT® enhanced carrier offers the following:

Altered cam path for longer dwell time and more robust extraction
Modified gas hole improves gas flow across the bolt’s tail
Additional gas ports on right side and modified orientation to improve gas flowing through the ejection port, and not into your face
Relief grooves added to the top and bottom to channel debris and maintain fluid movement

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5.56 NATO


Lewis Machine & Tools

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Bolt Carrier Group, Peripherals

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